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diving into .dev domains

I remember reading about google buying the .dev top level domain (tld) but am actually a bit surprised they are sharing it with the world given that it seemed to be used by some developers as a synonym for the .local reserved tld.

Anyhow I jumped on the bandwagon and snagged jimthe.dev. I already own devj.im which has a url shortener on it, jimthedev.com which has an old blog to be shut down. At this point I feel like I'm basically still that teenage jerk writing my name on all the bathroom stalls and tagging train cars.

Yesterday I gave a tech talk at the SPS Commerce Tech Meetup. The title was "Introduction to React Components" but as sometimes happens when I prepare a talk I ended up reflecting more on the philosophical parts of our craft and end up pointing out the obvious: we're doomed to repeat ourselves over and over again.

Our job often ends up being to create an array of complex products over our lifetime. We come up with fancy patterns to name the complexity. We justify it to ourselves and our customers. We are solving hard problems. Spending more time on reliability and simplicity isn't often on the product roadmap. Bugs can wait, we've got things to create! /s The spectrum of simplicity and perfectionism is an interesting one. Sometimes it is hard to know if you're being a perfectionist or if you're really digging in to reliability so that simplicity can hopefully follow.